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Theosophy in Wales



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The Theosophical Society in Swansea hold Lectures, Study Courses, Meditation & Discussion Groups


What is Theosophy?


The actual word Theosophy is a Greek derivative meaning Divine Wisdom but that doesnít mean much to the enquirer.


In the Theosophical Society the word has a more specific meaning in relation to the work of Society co-founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and later writers. H P Blavatskyís mission was to interpret Eastern Esoteric ideas for Western Society.


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 -1891


H P Blavatskyís remit was to describe a scheme for the existence of the Universe and to define manís place within that scheme. Her remit also encompassed study of the hidden dimensions of man and his potential and also the Laws of Nature.


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A Big Boost for Theosophy in Swansea


Welsh Regional Association

Gets a Windfall 2009

Itís all set for a big push

At Bangor, Conwy & Swansea Lodges



Theosophy in Wales




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There is no Religion Higher than Truth



Theosophy in Swansea